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  • Who is Lonestar Baseball Club?
  • We are a newly formed partnership that merged 3 of the best organizations in Central Texas: Austin Elite, Clutch Athletics, and Texas Colts. Each location moving forward will be known as Lonestar north, Lonestar central and Lonestar south, respectively. All of the owners and coaches from the previous organizations are the same. You can find more information about each organization on our individual websites. www.Austinelitebaseball.com, www.Clutchathleticstexas.com, and http://texascoltsbc.pointstreaksites.com. The new LBC website is currently under construction and will be operating soon. www.Lonestarbaseballclub.com.
  • Who are the people involved with Lonestar Baseball Club?
  • There are four owners: Steven Mazur (Lonestar North), Rob Johnson (Lonestar Central), and Niko Gonzalez and Luke Owens-Bragg (Lonestar South). In addition, Charlie Thames will be the High School Coordinator and recruiting coordinator. Jason Larue will be the director of player development. All of us will be highly involved in all decision making.
    Furthermore, Lonestar and Future Consulting are partnering together to add an additional service to all the players in our program. All players will have access to pursue consulting and services with the packages we will present in the future. The packages will be a collaboration of the college recruitment process, video, metrics, consulting and contacting different college programs.
  • How does Lonestar Baseball benefit my son?
  • Lonestar comes with a wealth of ex-player experience and a history of excellence. Lone Star is three like-minded organizations that are aligned in their philosophies and how they operate. We have relationships with junior colleges, NAIA, DIII, DII, and DI universities around the country. Lonestar Baseball Club has already drawn massive interest from these colleges. Many people want answers or are new to how the college recruiting process works and what events their players should attend. We have those answers, but the #1 most important thing, is the trustworthy relationships college coaches have with the people running the LBC organization. That alone is how players get the exposure necessary to be seen. Many people waste thousands of dollars in an attempt to gain exposure for their son. Let us provide you with direction for this critical investment in your players’ future.
    Our High School coaching staff is second to none. The coaches are selected by the leadership and will provide development and teaching necessary for your player to gain confidence, skill, exposure and the opportunity to be successful.
    Lonestar is powered by DeMarini. Lonestar is one of six organizations in the state of Texas to be sponsored by one of the most recognizable brands in all of baseball. They offer Lonestar special opportunities to play in their national “invite only” sponsored events, a recognizable national brand for exposure to the athletes and products at a discounted rate.
    You can expect honesty, transparency and integrity from the staff at Lone Star. We care about the player and the family. We hold huge importance in developing character both on and off the field. We believe it is part of our job to assist you in the development and maturity of your son as both an individual player and as part of the team. We will encourage leadership in our quest to help grow strong and confident men. Our desire is for every player in our program to be taught life lessons through the game of baseball.
  • Why did Lone Star decide to merge?
  • It made sense to combine forces because each individual organization, being aligned as we are, could be of greater impact to the central Texas players and families. We believe that creating more competition and having a larger reach will push the players to be as good as they can. Furthermore, it benefits every player in the program, as we have many college coaches already interested in a scout day that we will run during the summer. In High School baseball, there is no such thing as minors, AAA, and majors. Exposure: i.e. If a player is on a quote/unquote on a 3rd team and he is killing it, then we make phone calls and promote him to our contacts and maybe that contact is exactly what that player needs.